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Technical Notes from 1 June 2019

NatHERS Requirements for NatHERS assessments Version June 2019 

NatHERS Assessor Handbook (DoEE 2019) 


Assessors must use Technical Note (version June 2019) for all NatHERS assessments commenced from 1 June 2019. For NatHERS assessments commenced prior to 1 June 2019, assessors may use the requirements outlined in Technical Note 1 (version 1.2 – 2014) or Technical Note (version May 2019). If the Certificate is produced after 1 June 2019, but the assessment was commenced prior to 1 June 2019 and Technical Note 1 (version 1.2 – 2014) or Technical Note (version May 2019) was used, this should be noted in the ‘additional notes’ section of the NatHERS Certificate.   


Technical Notes prior to 1 June 2019

NatHERS Principles for Ratings in Regulation Mode Version 1.2 – 2014 

Zoning Guide for Technical Note 1.2  

Technical Note 1.2 Assessor Questions and Answers 


NatHERS Certificate

Information  for Owners and Builders


Energy Rating

New Science

Chenath Engine for Residential House Energy Rating

Australian Housing Data


Your Home

Your Home

Free Home Designs


Training Resources 

Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CPP41119) 

CPP41119 Training Providers


State Resources

NSW – BASIX Thermal Comfort Protocol November 2020

BASIX Help Notes

Victoria- Residential Sustainability Measures, Practice Note 55 - 2018

Victoria- Performance Solution Procedures and Documentation, Practice Note 63 - 2018

Queensland - Energy assessments for residential dwellings and use of software

Australian Building Code Board (ABCB): State and Territory Building Administrations

Council Resources

AAO House Energy Raters Association (HERA) has recently published a new compilation of local council jurisdictions information on energy efficiency and Alterations & Additions over and above NCC and NatHERS Technotes.  This is available on their following page:  HERA  COUNCIL DIRECTORY

Additional Resources

National Construction Code (NCC) Online 

NatHERS heating and cooling load limits - ABCB Standard 2019.1

Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) 

Your Home - Australia's guide to environmentally sustainable homes


To become a NatHERS accredited Thermal Performance Assessor you must complete and maintain accreditation through an Assessor Accreditation Organisation (AAO). The three AAOs under the NatHERS protocol, listed in the following AAO section, are able to accredit assessors who have fulfilled the requirements of accreditation.

New entrants to the thermal performance assessor profession must first complete the Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment to be eligible for accreditation.

For more information on becoming accredited as a Thermal Performance Assessor please visit:

Assessor accreditation and qualifications


Assessor Accreditation Organisations (AAO)

Australian Building Sustainability Association (ABSA) - phone 1300 889 438 or email 

Design Matters National - phone 03 9416 0227 or email

House Energy Raters Association (HERA) - phone 07 3209 9093 or email: