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AccuRate Sustainability

AccuRate Sustainability contains all the functions of earlier versions of AccuRate, but also has a series of additional features including streamlined and simplified data entry and more assessment modules to save time, improve productivity and broaden the services you offer.

AccuRate Sustainability has an annual subscription pricing model and included support. The added flexibility and depth of functionality ensures AccuRate Sustainability sets the software standard for residential sustainability assessors.

Certificate credits, which allow assessors to generate rating certificates for their projects, are purchased separately at very competitive rates.


Here's what's new in AccuRate Sustainability SP3:

1. AccuRate Sustainability Tool v2.3.3.13 SP3 includes a new run comparison function to facilitate comparing runs and analysing building thermal performance with charts.
1.  Screen Display malfunction when screen size becomes too small in Element page.
2.  Window/Roof Window/Skylight construction New Library button can allow loading of invalid construction library.
3.  Incorrect number of screens allowed in the external screen element page when new screens are added.
4.  Calculation for ventilation opening of roof windows in roof with reflective air gap was not correctly implemented.
5.  Loading project using File > Open Project disabled the Web Portal button.
6.  Changes to horizontal shading blocking factors in Shading page does not propagate to External Wall and  Window shading in Element page.
7.  Horizontal Shading in Shading page deleted even when the shading is being used by in window in the Element page.
8.  Roof penetration corruption.
9.  Left or right wing wall deletion causes crash if data is checked before wing wall deletion.
10. Multiple selections in ceiling elements causes the information for zone above to disappear.
11. Roof pitch cannot exceed 89 degree which causes simulation crash.
12. Editing buttons enabled and causes crash in the Zone page when the zone has no ceiling penetrations.
13. Changes to Skylights Construction frame type trigger an error and prevent changes to be saved.
14. Enter button pressed in the construction layer of Internal Wall Construction triggers a crash.
15. Corrupted horizontal shading in Element page causes software crash when changes applied  to horizontal shading in Shading page.
16. Skylight library is not updated automatically which triggers simulation crash.
17. Internal wall opening higher than wall height triggers simulation crash.
18. Running simulation after changes in Element page disabled simulation button & web portal button.
19. Multiple external wall selection triggers incorrect changes to height, base height & fixed shade.
1. Added an "Additional Information" input section in the Project page for inclusion in the certificate.
2. Added a brief description on Download/Installation of Custom Window libraries in the online help.
3. Client & Assessor details are now included in the Preview Report.
4. Differentiate between using and not using default windows in the assessment in the first page of the certificate.

Notes on AccuRate Sustainability SP2:

  • Improved windows and roof windows options. The default windows and roof windows have been updated with AFRC certified ratings and options. Custom windows libraries may also be available from third parties.
  • Increased number of constructions. The limitation on the number of all building constructions has been increased from 10 to 20.
  • New engine. Better handling of openings in internal and external walls and partitions has been incorporated. Improved modelling of roof spaces and sub-floor zones.
  • New shading schemes. Improved horizontal and vertical shading modelling for eaves, pergolas and wing walls.
  • Sectioned wall input. Specify horizontal stacking of wall constructions where one facade has multiple constructions.



Instructional Video 1 – Generating Certificates

Instructional Video 2 – Shading Scheme

Instructional Video 3 – Wall Heights and Composite Walls


Note: For optimal viewing of these videos try Theatre Mode in YouTube. 


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