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AccuRate Sustainability

AccuRate Sustainability contains all the functions of earlier versions of AccuRate, but also has a series of additional features including streamlined and simplified data entry and more assessment modules to save time, improve productivity and broaden the services you offer.

AccuRate Sustainability has an annual subscription pricing model and included support. The added flexibility and depth of functionality ensures AccuRate Sustainability sets the software standard for residential sustainability assessors.

Certificate credits, which allow assessors to generate rating certificates for their projects, are purchased separately at very competitive rates.


Here's what's new in AccuRate Sustainability SP4:

1. AccuRate Sustainability v SP4 has implemented an Energy Chart page for displaying the percentage of heating, cooling and total energy requirement for each zone in the dwelling.  This is to facilitate the design optimisation process.
1. The engine crashes in AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13 SP3 due to a truncate issue when the internal wall opening size is large which causes the opening height to be larger than the zone ceiling height.

2. Glazing construction colour was being over-written when window libraries were updated in AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13 SP3.

3.Insect screens on external walls in new buildings are not automatically selected by switching AccuRate from non-rating to rating mode. This bug is now fixed.

4. There was a bug in in AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13 SP3 when roof window opening type written to the file causes inaccuracy in the simulation. This bug fix can affect star rating slightly when roof window(s) are used in the design.

5. The roof window area was not deducted from the roof area in AccuRate Sustainability v2.3.3.13 SP3 when writing to the scratch file which causes inaccuracy in the simulation. This bug fix can affect star rating slightly when roof window(s) are used in the design.
1. Window & roof window System, Glass & Frame U-values display has changed to one decimal place. This improvement was requested by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC). This improvement only affects display.  It does not affect Chenath engine simulation and star rating.

2. Implemented delayed submission of zip files to the HStar portal. With AccuRate Sustainability v2.3.3.13 SP4, users can run the simulations first and submit the zip files to the HStar portal later. This is convenient for users who may have no internet access at the time of assessment or who wants to submit a number of assessments such as apartment to the HStar portal at the same time.

3. In AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13 SP4, users can enter any insulation level from R0 – R5 for slab edge insulation.

4. In order to provide better support to users, AccuRate Sustainability v2.3.3.13 SP4 collects the information about the number of Chenath engine runs.


1. In AccuRate Sustainability V2.3.3.13 SP4, a number of postcode climate zone mappings have been updated based on the instructions from NatHERS administrator.



Instructional Video 1 – Generating Certificates

Instructional Video 2 – Shading Scheme

Instructional Video 3 – Wall Heights and Composite Walls


Note: For optimal viewing of these videos try Theatre Mode in YouTube. 


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