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EI believes that anthropogenic climate change represents a significant threat to the existence and prosperity of human society.  The 2015 United Nations Paris Climate Conference (COP21) meeting agreement, to seek to limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5-2.0 deg C, places considerable onus on the Victorian and other state and federal governments to shift the focus from energy efficiency to carbon abatement in homes over the next few years. 

With carbon abatement in residential buildings being shown to provide the highest return on investment for any category of carbon abatement investment, regulators will need improved carbon emissions measurement and reporting tools that (preferably) incorporate NatHERS functionality.  To this end EI and the CSIRO recently executed an agreement to jointly develop and deploy a new “Carbon Emissions Measurement Tool” (CEMT) for the existing residential building sector.  It is planned that this tool will include both the existing NatHERS rating protocol rules and also an extended set of logic to measure carbon abatement.  Thereby creating a transition plan into the future for the residential assessment industry. 

EI envisages the following benefits for assessors, government(s) and the community:

  • Assessors will be able to use the CEMT to not only model new building thermal performance but also to predict the energy bill and the carbon emissions of a particular dwelling during the design phase.  Note: The current NatHERS thermal rating will be incorporated into the CEMT as a “subset rating”; thus enabling earlier ratings to be directly correlated with new “whole-of-building” ratings.
  • EI estimates that the future expansion of residential building mandatory disclosure legislation to the states (beyond the ACT), together with proposed new mandatory carbon abatement upgrade measures to be implemented prior to sale (or lease) and leveraging existing Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes such as the VEET scheme and the NSW ESS, would create more than 1,600 new on-site residential building mandatory disclosure  assessor jobs, and 10,000 new energy efficiency/solar PV/battery storage installation/supplier jobs Australia-wide.



16 June 2017

NatHERS Custom Windows Update 
The latest BERS Pro v4.3 release has all the latest window libraries.  You will need to install this latest version to ensure that you can continue to run simulations beyond 15th June 2017.

The updated installer for general release is available from the Energy Inspection website by clicking HERE. Download instructions are on the Software Downloads page.  A new licence installation will not be required for currently licensed users.

New Feature: Variable slab thickness functionality change
Assessors will now be able to adjust the concrete thickness for slab-on-ground and suspended slab constructions.  For more information please review the  BERS Pro Variable Slab Thickness Functionality explanation document by clicking HERE.

Bug Fix Update
1. Some assessments have been found to have a difference of internal wall area between adjoining zones.  The software now automatically recalculates the internal areas before running the simulation.
2. We have also resolved a failure-to-simulate bug that didn’t allow the selection of a reflective air gap insulation to be applied to other floor constructions, if a waffle pod construction was used on level 1.
The Energy Inspection Resources webpage has recently been updated. To review the updates, access the webpage from HERE.

Security Notice
We are committed to providing a secure website and other cloud platform services and as such, Energy Inspection together with our software providers, are upgrading our security protocols.  It is advised that you upgrade to the following certified browsers or above: 

  • Apple Safari 4 - 9 (Apple Mac OS)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11 (32 bit)
  • Google Chrome 47
  • Mozilla Firefox 42 

If you do not have a certified browser, you will need to upgrade as older browsers may stop being supported or working with our applications in the near future.

1 February 2017

A new version of BERS Pro is now ready for download:

BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13) is now available to download.  This release marks the end of the full and formal accreditation of BERS Pro 4.3.0.X by the NatHERS administrator. The new installer for general release is available from the Energy Inspection (EI) website by clicking HERE. Download instructions are on the Software Downloads page.  A new licence will not be required for existing users licensed through 30 April 2017.

The following issues have been addressed in v4.3.0.2 (3.13):

 1.      Full modelling of reflective air gaps within a sub-floor.  Historically BERS has not accurately modelled the heat affects from both a top down and bottom up perspective. The changes required to match Accurate have been significant and have required exhaustive testing of the possible permutations and combinations of sub-floor as part of the overall modelling of a dwelling.  We now believe a dwelling modelled in BERS Pro, where foils are included, will produce results in alignment with AccuRate.  This change has no impact on you as a user of BERS Pro.

2.       Late in December AVG virus software started incorrectly identifying our licencing software as a Trojan virus.  This has now been corrected.

The following transitional arrangements have been agreed:

A transitional period has been agreed with the NatHERS Administrator where BES Pro v4.3.0.1a (3.13) and BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13) will both be accredited for use for a period of two months ending 31 March 2017.  During this time both versions will be available to download from the EI website SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS page.

Two weeks prior to the 31 March 2017, a notification will be sent by EI to remind all BERS Pro users to complete transitioning to BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13).  Please note that after the 31 March 2017, the previous version will not be available to download. Any H-star coupons purchased after the 31st March will only be valid for use with BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13).  This is to help ensure the most current version is in use.  Any coupons already credited to the H-star portal will continue to be valid for both versions.

9 June 2016

NatHERS Default and Custom Windows

We thought the included article (from Michael Plunkett of SmartRate) which appeared in BDAV News, June 2016 (the official journal of the Building Designers Association of Victoria) would be of interest to all our Assessors. Click HERE to download.

It provides some useful background to the use of windows and how best to use the window libraries now available in BERS Pro v4.3.

The issues resolved in the latest release are detailed below:

A new installer for general release is available from the Energy Inspection website by clicking HERE.

Simulation related fix:

  1. Removed warning for "There is a wall less than 300mm that may cause errors when simulating".  We have removed this warning, but the 150mm wall length error message remains.  As highlighted previously this was also an issue within BERS Pro v4.2, and Assessors have been trained to work around this scenario. 

House design related fixes:

  1. For Party wall Copy/Paste the images are now updated on the paste.  Previously we had enabled this feature, but the visuals weren’t updating.
  2. Now able to simulate with Rylock window.  This was due to the length of the description field.  This has now been extended.
  3. The issue with the incorrect thickness being displayed for a second level has been corrected.

Universal Certificate related fixes:

  1. Ceiling Type for multi-storey dwellings the "Roof space above" was appearing "Yes" incorrectly.  Now if there is a Common Area to zones above being the entire lower zone area then ensure "No" for Roof above. 
  2. Changes for Fixed Shading were incorrectly being applied.  We have removed this process to align with current AccuRate functionality.
  3. Further enhancement to the handling of the five special XML characters.
  4. The Additional Comments from the Project Details comments are now appearing on the Certificate.  Text from the comments field will be presented on the Universal Certificate without any formatting.
  5. Roof type insulation now has the correct R value being displayed in all cases.

Building Details Report related fixes:

  1. Corrected calculation for split external wall area where the total upper part is now being calculated correctly, previously this was using the lower part again.
  2. Corrected calculation for external floor area summary where there is a secondary area specified, previously this 2nd area was not being deducted for 1st level.

15 April 2016

We are pleased to advise that the NatHERS Administrator has granted Energy Inspection accreditation of BERS Pro v4.3.0.1 (3.13) from 1 May 2016.

You should also note that the current short term accreditation for BERS Pro 4.2.11081 expires on 30 April 2016.  Existing BERS Pro 4.2.11081 licences expire on the 1st May 2016 and cannot be extended.

Please refer to the NatHERS website for details: 

Final end date of short-term accreditation of BERS Pro 4.2.110811 and FirstRate5 version v5.1(x)

Please note that the BERS Pro v4.3.0.1 (3.13) software will be available for download from the Energy Inspection site on Tuesday, 26th April 2016. The price for the software (as previously advised) will be $440 including GST.  This price includes twenty (20) “free” Universal Certificates.

As you are aware you will need to have successfully completed the Mandatory Induction Package (MIP) before Energy Inspection can issue you with a licence key for the new BERS Pro v4.3.0.1 (3.13) software.



On July 1, 2015 Energy Inspection became the new distributor for all AccuRate software, licencing and certificate generation needs. 

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