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BERS Pro Certificate Credits (incl GST)


Coupon Credits allow assessors to generate rating certificates for their projects.

To generate rating certificates, purchase Coupon Credits in packs of 3, 5, 10 and 100 which can be redeemed for certificates on the H-Star portal. Once users have a positive credit balance in the H-Star portal, they can upload a project file they have modelled as per usual and generate a rating certificate.

NEW:  Credits for v4.3.0.2f (3.13) certificates have replaced the v4.4.0.1 (3.21) credit inventory in 10 and 100 Packs only.  These credits will carry forward to more current certificate versions in BERS Pro assessments and have been made available due to the demand for revisions of existing certificates. 3 and 5 packs are currently v4.4.0.1 (3.21) inventory only.  Credits are otherwise versioned to ensure the most current software is used.

NOTE: Rating certificates can no longer be created from your desktop.

Important Reminder

Assessments can be amended, with the exception of the project address, for up to 12 months from the First Generated date. 

Amendments after 12 months from the First Generated date will incur an additional fee and deduct a credit.  

Amendments to the Dwelling Details will create an new certificate and will incur an additional fee and deduct a credit.