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Energy Inspection was established for the specific purpose of supporting and strengthening the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). Offering two solutions.

  1. Providing the trusted market leading BERS Pro software 

  2. Support for the CSIRO AccuRate software 


BERS Pro is a modelling tool used to optimise building designs and show NatHERS Energy-Rating compliance for residential buildings within Australia.

BERS Pro is a NatHERS Accredited Software providing the modelling capabilities and accuracy required to meet the NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol.

Used to model Class 1a Single Residential buildings as well as Class 2 Apartment projects, BERS PRO  is for both new and existing renovation projects.

BERS Pro is a Windows desktop application installed on a user’s computer to perform energy-ratings, with the CSIRO HSTAR Portal performing NatHERS certification functions.


Corporate structure

Energy Inspection Pty Ltd’s major shareholders are Energy Renovations Pty Ltd, the holding company for the Energy Makeovers group of companies (EMG), and doubleIQ Investments Pty Ltd, the investment vehicle for doubleIQ Pty Ltd.

EMG is dedicated to improving the energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of the built sector, through provision of scientifically-based assessments, installation of decentralized energy measures and the application of cost-reflective energy tariffs. EMG has been an accredited person in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme since 2009, and more recently the NSW Energy Saver Scheme (ESS), and has installed energy efficiency activities in over 250,000 Victorian households and provided customer and audit services, through its dedicated customer service and compliance operations in Melbourne. EMG also holds a restricted energy retail licence in Victoria, specifically to provide energy contracts and services to customers engaged in a solar PV/battery storage pilot project, in partnership with the distributor United Energy.

doubleIQ is a leading IT technology company with a proven track record in developing building assessment tools. doubleIQ provide on-going technical and user support for a number of large corporate clients.


ABN: 46 605 277 343